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Next|Health: Forefront Podcast Series

Feb 26, 2019

Ben Greenfield joins the Next|Health Forefront Podcast series today. Ben has many titles, but some of his accolades include; being one of the worlds top ranked amateur triathletes, a New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and relentless bio-hacker. Ben has been named one of the top 100 people in the world in health and fitness and has coached some of the worlds’ top CEO’s, chefs and professional athlete’s. As founder and CEO of Kion, Ben now creates step-by-step solutions for the world’s hard charging; high-achievers to live a truly limitless life with fully optimized minds, bodies and spirits. In this episode Dr. Shah and Ben discuss a magnitude of things related to health and wellness, including: diets, exercise regimens, herbs, music, CBD, lab tests and much more.

Key Takeaway: Start becoming the best version of yourself by taking advantage of the information that’s out there in the health, science, wellness and fitness sectors. The barrier to entry to bio-hacking is becoming more cost effective and there’s a plethora of information, supplements, tests and programs our there that are becoming more mainstream.


  • Minimum effective doses of exercise
  • The benefits of using a “walking desk”
  • Increasing mitochondrial density
  • The Weston A. Price Diet
  • Lab testing for creating personalized food plans
  • Analyzing the micro biome of the human gut
  • Natural light vs. Blue light and their effects on sleep
  • Box breathing and 4,7,8 breathing
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Using music to enhance neurogenesis
  • Red blood cell health



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