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Next|Health: Forefront Podcast Series

May 31, 2019

Today, Kris Gethin from The Health and Mileage Podcast sits down with Dr. Shah to discuss his experience in the medical industry and his knowledge of biohacking. Dr. Shah became a surgeon at a young age and soon fell into unhealthy habits because of his strenuous hours and exhausting work load. Due to this, he dove into research regarding nutrition, sleep, and exercise and learned just how important these things are for maintaining optimal health. From this research he founded Next|Health. 

Key Takeaway: In order to understand and improve your personal health, you need to be mindful about your sleep routines, exercise patterns, and eating habits.



  • While working in the medical field, Dr. Shah realized that doctors and nurses focus on diagnosing and treating diseases rather than preventing them.
  • Next|Health was created as a way to target the majors problems with modern day health care: not using latest technology, too expensive, lack of access, etc.
  • There is a huge amount of misinformation regarding health due to the food industry and pharmaceutical industry
  • Next|Health uses a wheel of twelve different aspects of your health including diet, sleep, exercise, etc. to create a unique plan that addresses your needs
  • The Next|Health philosophy includes creating a personalized diet for you in addition to examining ancestry, DNA, food sensitivities, how individual bodies metabolize carbs and sugars, etc.
  • Being mindful about your health, diet, sleeping habits, and exercise routines
  • While biohacking is new and exciting, there is a lot of smaller and free adjustments that you can make in order to improve your health




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