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Next|Health: Forefront Podcast Series

Aug 19, 2019

“We have established ourselves as one of the top compounding pharmacies in the nation through our compounding expertise, knowledge, and experience.”–Tailor Made Compounding

In today’s episode we welcome Blake McLeod to the show. As a Pharmacist at Tailor Made Compounding, Blake’s knowledge of peptide treatment and cellular health is unparalleled. Tailor Made Compounding is the country’s leading peptide manufacturing company and has continually astounded health care professionals with their results. Located in Kentucky, it first opened in January 2015 and has been positively disrupting the medical industry ever since. Their pharmacy strives to deliver education by cultivating close working relationships with physicians and investing in research and development.

In this episode you’ll hear Blake explain the basics of peptides and how they influence our health, what are some of the most popular peptide services that Tailor Made Compounding offers, and how to educate yourself if you are interested in peptide treatments.



  • Refusing the “sick-care” model of the Medical Industry
  • “Why is America so behind in peptide health?”
  • Peptide: a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, created by RNA and DNA. They are a signaling molecule, with a high specificity, low side-effect profile
  • All our cells are signaled by other cells with peptides, example: insulin
  • Negative Feedback Loop: shuts down body’s natural receptors and stops production of that hormone due to dependency
  • Peptide treatments activate your body’s receptors and signal to naturally produce more hormones in order to stimulate growth and repair without a negative feedback loop
  • The “Barbie Doll Peptide”
  • Libido Peptide: PT141 peptide used for both men and women
  • BPC 157 Peptide (Body Protection Compound) is known to help with surgical recovery, gut issues, tendon and ligament damage and inflammation. It encourages nerve regeneration, reduces neuro-inflammation and increases bone density
  • Peptides can increase hair growth
  • Peptides can help prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Epitalon (Epithalamin)is a peptide and telomerase activator and a known putative anti-aging drug - shown to induce a 33% increase in telomere length
  • Do NOT buy your peptides online- you are not guaranteed the quality or the ingredients of these products. Always go to a doctor




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