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Next|Health: Forefront Podcast Series

Sep 2, 2019

Today, Dr. Shah and Kevin sit down with Next|Health’s Nurse Practitioner Megan Retterath. They talk about the cutting edge services that Next|Health offers it’s patients. Dr. Shah is forging a new path, moving away from the traditional health care model and instead helping people optimize their health through advancements in stem cells, cellular therapy, hormone optimization and a variety of other services. His passion for using new medical treatments has helped thousands of patients optimize their health.

In this episode you hear the team demystify the use of Stem Cells, explain what Hormone Optimization really is and why Peptide therapy is the future.

Key Takeaway: Next|Health wants to optimize your body and empower you to be your own health care advocate.



  • Why is Next|Health is different
  • Stem Cells are the project managers of the body
  • Exosomes are the communicators of the stem cells
  • Banking your children’s umbilical cord blood
  • Disease develops over the course of 30 years
  • Preventative and proactive care
  • Biomarker testing
  • Inflammation as a cause of disease
  • Full Body MRI and genome sequencing
  • Bioidentical hormones vs synthetic hormones
  • Peptide Injection





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