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Next|Health: Forefront Podcast Series

May 24, 2019

“Instead of having the stress of health, just think as having this childlike curiosity to try new stuff! ”–Tero Isokauppila

In today’s episode we welcome Tero Isokauppila to the show. Famous in the biohacking community as a life-long student of nutrition and expert on natural health, Tero is the co-founder, president and marketing director of FourSigmatic. The company, which creates wide variety of medicinal mushroom coffees, hot cacaos and elixir products, has successfully begun to introduce the health-promoting benefits of mushrooms to mainstream society. Born in Finland, Tero grew up foraging with his family and quickly developed a passion for developing natural products that help energize, support productivity, and keep your immune system strong. Four Sigmatic has been featured in Bon Appétit Magazine, Time, Good Morning America, Munchies, and well+GOOD, and is currently living in Los Angeles.

In this episode you’ll hear Tero explain the “everyday magic” of mushrooms, how to incorporate variety of spices, superfoods, and into your diet, and how by adapting a playful positive mindset on health we can make you live a longer life.


Key Takeaway: By reconnecting with nature and adapting a more exploratory mindset toward health, we can all start eating more adventurously and reaping the benefits of the natural world.



  • Tero’s childhood foraging and farming in Finland
  • Mushroom Health Magic
  • Wild food vs Farmed Food
  • The definition of “Super Foods”
  • Adding spices to your morning beverage might give you the KICK you need
  • Psychedelic Mushroom: How they work? Potential benefits?
  • Micro-dosing explained
  • Appreciation of the natural world can change your perspective for the better
  • High probability of cancer in your life and how to beat it.
  • Variety of nutrients, seasonal eating, exposure to the elements
  • Childlike curiosity when it comes to health




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