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Next|Health: Forefront Podcast Series

Feb 17, 2020

“I was seeing how the medical system just wasn’t working in the ER. It was the same people coming in, and their drug list was just getting bigger and bigger. It was prescriptions to treat symptoms, and I thought—there has to be a better way.”– Dr. Lekkos


In today’s episode, Dr. Shah and Kevin Peake talk with Dr. Lekkos, a former emergency room physician who shifted his entire paradigm to study functional medicine.


Functional medicine is about optimizing your health so that you can put a fire out before it even starts, as opposed to calling in the specialists once the fire is blazing so high it’s about to consume the while building. This non-Western approach to medicine looks at your entire lifestyle to promote wellness at ground zero.


Dr. Lekkos went from cutting people open in an ER to looking for the root cause of an illness, and then tailoring an individualized plan that takes into account a person’s lifestyle choices; including stress levels, diet, toxin exposure, childhood trauma, and a detailed mental and spiritual history. Many of the factors that Western medicine usually ignores, Dr. Lekkos uses like a sleuth to solve the mystery of your individualized health.


Join us for the passionate journey Dr. Lekkos has taken to move from treating disease to optimizing wellness for his patients, and take some of his secrets with you to augment your own health. Tune in for leading edge integrative health secrets.



  • How a seasoned ER doctor went from treating symptoms to learning root causes to dramatically improve health.
  • Why shifting from reactive, disease care, to preventative “wellness” care makes all the difference.
  • Why the Western medical paradigm is built on disease treatment instead of teaching ways to stop disease before it even starts, and what you can do about it.
  • How the West Coast is more open minded in accepting cutting-edge, non-disease care medicine, but how this mindset is spreading.
  • The incredible reward of changing people’s health after the traditional medical system has failed them repeatedly.
  • How, shockingly, the mind and spirit are almost more influential when it comes to health than the purely physical body.
  • Why the way you think is directly impacting your health.
  • Why your lifestyle and environment will affect the expression of your genes.
  • Why only 2 – 20% of your genes affect your health, and why epigenetics are so pivotal in determining your well-being.
  • How to not express “bad” genes.
  • How protein expression turns on and off just from your thinking, through the process of methylation.
  • What multiple personality disorder can teach us about the power of the mind over the body.
  • How placebo illustrates the power of mind over body.
  • Why meditation and can change your world.
  • How to use a theta state to reprogram your mind for better health and wellness.
  • Learn the newest tools in integrative health: peptides, stem cell growth, exosomes, exercise, and-anti-aging protocols along with mind0body tools.
  • How to reclaim your power to heal yourself.





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